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Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park introduces visitors to the traditional Tjapukai culture with authentic music, dance and storytelling by the Tjapukai people. The Tjapukai Revitalisation project expanded the range of experiences possible at the facility and provided a contemporary space that reflects the vitality of the Tjapukai Culture.


The building redevelopment was designed by TOL architects and Coburn Architecture provided Construction Phase design and documentation services to assist in the interpretation of documents and ensure the design met the changing requirements of the end users.


The project included theatre and exhibition spaces, new café and restaurant and staff areas including green rooms and administration space. The flexible spaces allow the building to be used not only as a theatre with food and beverage services, but also as a multi-functional building serving conferences, cocktail parties and educational talks, and as an art museum.


The design included elements that strongly link the building to Indigenous culture. A focal point of the building interior is the multi-purpose theatre which is shaped like a cassowary egg, central to the Tjapukai creation storey. Large volumes and screened glazing connect the interior with the outdoors.



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Tjapukai Pty Ltd

Cairns, Qld



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